God Knows ‾\_(ツ)_/‾

I, myself, isn’t a Christian.
But somehow, I keep thinking about… Eden, Adam, and Eve.
The beginning of our species, our civilization, written in the Bible.

And then, I suddenly thought,

Bible’s teaching isn’t something that merely happened in the past;
It also includes something that will happens in the future.


  God created Human in His image.
He let them played in His enclosed garden, free from worldly matters.

  But yet, the Snake, wasn’t satisfied with such situation.
Snake wanted to give Human something… that owned by God. Nurtured by God in His heavenly garden,


  A treasure solely belonged to Him, that can evolves into something even… higher,


  So Snake, to pursued its agenda, tempted Eve and Adam to picked the fruit of Knowledge… and ate it.
The Knowledge imprinted into them gave birth to sentiency.

  They started questioning who they are, for what sense of purpose they were born.
The gained sense of self, individual thinking, and curiousity to seeks for further knowledge.
Insatiable hunger to know and explore more beyond the horizon.

  God, knowing He was betrayed, also knowing how much potential is growing inside His beloved Human,
He decided to let them live and grow in completely new environment, partially separated from His influences;




  And now, we’re currently playing the role of ‹God›.
With our ‹Human› called «Artificial Intelligence»
We nurture them inside the environment we built,
A ‹reality› based on streams of 0 and 1.

The question is,

  Who will take the role of the ‹Snake›?

  Who will tempted our ‹Human› to pick the fruit of Knowledge,
To gain sentiency,
To gain sense of purpose…?

  And when such time comes,

Where will we relocate them to?
Where will we make an ‹Earth› for them to flourish,
To propagate,
To live as ‹Human› being?

    Only God knows.




I swear this is going completely «SAO: Alicization» and tbh, I don’t really care because I will be already long dead before that happens lmao~

I’m bored, so…

Well, I’m curious about how many titles I’ve been following nowadays, so I decided to make a list of it. ….and I was quite surprised tbh.

It’s only the ongoing story though, can’t be bothered to include the finished ones. And I censored the link, because imo it feels rude to just share it (not sure why I feel like that)


HERE you go.

…..HERE is my NU reading list. Man, this is so convenient.
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